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Jamroom Developer

Looking for a Jamroom Developer? Someone to build modules to make your Jamroom site do stuff it doesn't do out of the box? Want to build some custom modules to extend Jamroom but need a developer?

Your in the right place.

What is Jamroom?

Jamroom is a music content management system for Bands. But if your looking for a Jamroom Developer, you probably already know this.

If you would like to know more about Jamroom, look here:

Get Jamroom!

So why choose me to be your Jamroom Developer?

  • I love working with Jamroom.
  • I know how Jamroom works.
  • I can build anything you need in a way that means you can still get updates everytime they are released. (If you've ever hired a "Jamroom Developer" from one of those freelance sites, I'm sure you have experience with this. You know when you pay to get something custom done, then a new version of Jamroom is released..... You upgrade, and all your customizations break. Sucks doesn't it. Don't worry, I'll do it properly. You can upgrade away and nothing will break.)
  • I have built several modules for Jamroom already
    • MODULE: Adtrackz (an advertising tracking module)
    • MODULE: Affiliate (an affiliate network module)
    • MODULE: Graphs (a module to graph the Jamroom sites data)
    • MODULE: Search (an alternative search system that uses spiders)
    • THEME: MySpace. allows the pimp-my-profile codes to be used in a Jamroom theme
    • (all the above are available in the Jamroom Marketplace)
    • Other custom modules have been created too that are not available to the public.

Why I love Jamroom

I love working as a Jamroom developer more than working with any other CMS system. My second favorite system is Drupal. Its cool too, but Jamroom is #1 for these reasons:

  • Jamroom stores all of its code in code, not in the database.
  • Jamroom support forums are exceptional. The support team are the best I've ever seen, fast!
  • Jamroom is continually being developed. There are always new releases of core coming out.
  • The module building system is exceptional. Great documentation in the code.
  • Jamroom has an amazing amount of features already built in.

What you should hire me for

  • Development of custom Jamroom modules.
  • Customization of Jamroom functionality in Templates, Themes or Skins.
  • Jamroom Programming stuff.
  • Customization of existing Jamroom Modules.

What you SHOULDN'T hire me for

  • Graphic design.
  • Anything that involves artistic interpretation.
  • Any subjective input:
    • You:"Should this color be Green, Red or Blue do you think?"
    • Me: "Don't Know, I'll change it once you decide......"

I am a PROGRMMER, not a graphic designer. So the best way to use me is if you already know what the finished product should look like and how you want it to work.

If you have an image of what the final page will look like, I can make a working copy of it where all the buttons work and it looks EXACTLY like the image you showed me.

I'm fine with programming the CSS to make the layout of the Skins look how you want it to look, But ask me to "Design something cool looking" and I'm stuck. Wrong person.

If you want an AWESOME designer, I recommend Huw Williams of Oinkba.com if you can get him. He's usually pretty busy.

Pay by the hour

The most effective way of working with clients that I have found is pay by the hour. These are my hourly rates:

  • Standard Hourly Rate: $40 per hour
  • Rush Job Hourly Rate: $45 per hour
  • Large Project Hourly Rate: $35 per hour *
* A project becomes billable at the 'Large Project' reduced rate once the total project hours exceed 43 (costs exceed $1700 at standard rate) for the scope of work being done.

Why Hourly rates?

I have tried flat rates for the full project before, and in some cases will still do it, but what generally happens is that during the building phase of the project the client changes their mind.

It's normal for a client to change their mind during the build.

So what happens is that mid way through the build what has to be done changes, which means how much it will cost changes and costs have to be re-negotiated.

This becomes a hassle for both of us.

A common practice with Freelance developers when charging a fixed rate is to well over-budget when setting their price.

OR To become uncontactable when they figure out they bid too low for the project.

I've been in the client seat for a few of these and I HATE it. Hire someone to do something, then it doesn't get done and you have to start again.

Working for an hourly rate gets us both around these issues.

Advantages of Hourly Rates

With Hourly rate of pay for the work you want done we can start the project faster and move more flexibly in adding features to your modules.

  • Don't need to define everything that will need to be built before work starts.
  • Can change anything at anytime.
  • The developer is not trying to cut corners to get the job finished faster.
  • The result is a higher standard of coding.
  • More communication during all phases of the module build.

How to start?

To start a project, I need to know at least what the project is going to be about. So we start with you giving me an outline of the module you want built including as much detail as you can.

I take a look at the details of what you have given me and ask for points of clarification if I don't understand anything.

Once I have a clear idea as to what you want built, I can give you an estimate of how many hours I think it will take me to build.

If your happy with the estimate, I ask for a deposit to be paid into my Paypal account, then I start work.

I'll build your module on my server where you can see it. When the module works like you want it to work and you want the code, you pay the bill and send you the code. Easy.

But I want you to work directly on MY server

If I have to work directly on your server, I can do that too, but pre-payment is necessary.

You give me the FTP details to your server and I can build directly into your site for as long as there is a positive balance remaining in your account. I recommend depositing in $500 lots, but if its a big project larger is acceptable too.

The point is, guaranteed payment is necessary.

How good are your time estimates?

My estimates are just that, estimates. I usually try to incorporate a few extra hours in for changes that might come. But Im getting pretty good now.

Sometimes I'm WAY out. One project I gave an estimate of 10 hours, finished the project in 5 hours and since the customer had budgeted for extra time we just kept on going building all sorts of unrelated stuff for the site. That project ended after billing 64 hours. Then we started the next project together.

Is Jamroom JUST for music sites?

Nope. Its was designed for music sites, but the system is awesome and VERY adaptable. Here is Jamroom doing something totally UN-music related.

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Next Steps....

So if you DO need a Jamroom developer, the next step is to contact me and talk about what needs to be done. contact

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